2024 Construction Internships in Corcoran, CA

Whether it be condominiums in Hawaii or a theme park in Orlando, construction internships allow students a glimpse of what it’s like to build the structures that shape people’s lives. Work in the office as a project engineer, in the field as a safety coordinator, or shuttle between the two as a construction manager. Interns in construction may support operations at a private corporation or join a larger firm, and their projects may specialize in anything from pipeline rehabilitation to planning electrical systems. Internships in construction are demanding and require expert skill in all stages of the project cycle. Construction interns manage the flow of project documents and data; download specs and drawings; assist in cost analysis, estimations, and bid reviews; support the design process; contact suppliers and subcontractors when necessary; prepare and keep track of construction schedules; oversee the quality and safety standards of the project; and ensure that the client’s needs are met. Working closely with managers, young professionals in construction internships benefit from attending meetings with customers, design engineers, interior designers, accountants, and planners—all of whom are collaborators in any given project. You’ll also gain invaluable experience working with estimating software and the principles of engineering, be it civil, mechanical, electrical, geological, etc.

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