2024 Creative Internships in Irvine, CA

If you’re looking for a place intern with great weather, a chilled-out atmosphere, and lots of fun things to do, then internships in Irvine is it. You can sport flip flops in the winter as you cruise Irvine Spectrum, a beautiful mall that has a Ferris wheel, or the lovely Heritage Park. The city also has a great college vibe because of the large student body at UC Irvine, so interns in Irvine will have no problem meeting people. There are also lots of companies to keep you busy out here. If you’re into graphic design or video games and are looking for an Irvine internship, there’s Blizzard Entertainment, Cryptozoic Entertainment; the list goes on. Students interested in any aspect of media can look into the wide variety of positions at Freedom Communications. Internships in Irvine can also be found at Sports 1 Marketing for those whose passion is athletics. Overall, Irvine has it all, but students that aspire to careers in media and technology will really flourish here. Not only is the city full of places to go and great companies to intern, but it’s renowned for being safe: a recent article in Business Insider named it the #1 Safest City in America. So why not intern in Irvine? It’s a great place to be!

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