2024 Economics Internships in San Buenaventura, CA

The tide of economics impacts every corner of our society, and an internship in economics places you in institutions that respond to, support, or manage the effects of these changes. Economics internships bear the challenges characteristic of a national recession. As future accountants, actuaries, mortgage loan officers, cost analysts, financial researchers, etc., interns in economics must navigate the complex systems that govern finance to benefit clients and alleviate inequality. Specialties that students may pinpoint in school include international economics, labor markets, cost-benefit analysis, and economic history. With a degree in economics, you’ll be qualified to fill any number of positions. Work at a small company or startup as part of its financial strategy department. Economics interns have the skills to work on projects that encompass financial modeling and planning, management reporting, investor partnerships. These positions will require honed research skills, mastery of the Excel spreadsheet, and the analytical know-how to interpret and present data clearly. During your stint with an internship in economics, you’ll also learn the terminology and practices of the specific workplace. Facilitate compliance with company, investor, and federal guidelines at a mortgage company; or track project activity and support management in a financial services firm. Economics students also find executive positions in non-finance related sectors, such as private retailers, government agencies, and nonprofits.

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