2024 Insurance Internships in Pompano Beach, FL

To master an insurance internship, you need to focus on the human elements at stake: whether it be against earthquake damage, vehicular accidents, or personal illness, insurance takes into account the risks that loom in the background of our daily lives. Interns in insurance work in a wide spectrum of categories, and each comes outfitted with its specific philosophies, programs, and ethical codes. Insurance interns who take on the work of an agent may hold conferences with current and potential clients to discuss, analyze, and choose their best-suited insurance needs. The role calls for skills grounded in customer service, finance, sales, and marketing, as well as a strong sense of the company’s varied offerings to ensure the best fitting policy. Longer internships in insurance also give you a chance to work with long-term clients and build trusting relationships between the brand and the customer. As an underwriter, you may also have the responsibility of reviewing insurance applications and requests for cancellations and endorsements; reports from loss control consultants; and loss potential due to catastrophe, severity, and frequency. You’ll be expected to analyze and keep track of these factors with clients, sometimes filing paperwork and entering data, sometimes manning the phone. In many cases, insurance internships benefit from intensive training programs that gear you up for risk management and leadership roles.

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