2024 Nutrition Internships in Rialto, CA

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey concluded that nearly one-third of adults in the United States are considered overweight. Healthcare has certainly become one of the highest points of concern for the US within the past few years. Applying to a nutrition internship is a great way to contribute to the cause. Interns in nutrition can find positions with universities, hospitals, medical school, fitness centers etc. Nutrition internships help students expose themselves to a vast array of careers. These experiences lay the foundation for students to become community resources, educators, and caretakers. Typically, nutrition interns are preparing for careers as registered dieticians although the opportunities are endless. As an intern in the nutrition industry you could conduct food research for a non-profit, helping draft plans for hunger eradication in critical regions. You could work for a fitness center, helping draft nutrition guides for clients. Or if you find the right position, you may find yourself conducting research that could be implemented at the national level. Regardless of your specific goal, one summer as a nutrition intern is a great way to learn more about the space—you may even learn quite a bit about how to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Get started with your search below!

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