2024 Remote Pharmaceutical Internships

Whether you’re interested in becoming a pharmacist or in selling pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical internships are a great choice. During your internship, you can work in a whole assortment of areas: clinical research and marketing of course, but also supply chain management, regulatory affairs, and finance, among others. But no matter what department your pharmaceutical internship is in, you’ll be helping people get better and improving their health. And if that’s not enough, companies like Merck provide their pharmaceutical interns with competitive pay on top of subsidized housing and transportation. This is also a field that is expanding rapidly, due to the fact that the average person is living longer, so opportunities for pharmacists and similar careers are excellent. And with the average pharmacist making a six-figure salary, your internship in pharmaceuticals puts you on the path to a very comfortable living. The industry of pharmaceuticals is great because it’s such a global force; you can do your internship anywhere in the United States or abroad. Bayer, for instance, offers international programs, and fluency in the other country’s language isn’t a requirement so your English language skills can take you wherever you want through an internship in pharmaceuticals, and that’s every bit as exciting as it sounds.

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