2024 Police Internships in Chico, CA

As a law enforcement officer, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of one of the nation’s most contentious roles—at once the guardians of the state and the subject of public distrust, the police force takes ambition, discipline, and dedication to join. Police internships provide students with the experience they need to complete training at the police academy, where aspiring policemen will learn to use firearms, defend themselves against attackers, use offensive driving techniques, make arrests, etc. As a police intern, you also outfit yourself to serve the community by protecting property and people. Most likely, you’re already familiar with the duties assigned to our uniformed officers. Internships in police work place you under the wing of men and women who respond to domestic disturbances, patrol traffic, make arrests, issue citiations—the experience will also allow interns in police academies to help with data entry, crime scene diagrams, computer programming, and investigations. Not only that, but police internships introduce you to the political, social, historical, cultural, and economic complexities that influence the criminal justice and legal systems. Because public safety issues continue to grow in our communities, police interns are well equipped for future careers once they’re ready to start full-time.

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