2024 Recreation Internships in Bakersfield, CA

If you share Leslie Knope’s excitement for community involvement and project planning, then an internship in recreation is the first stop on your career path. Recreation internships can lead you to a municipal Parks and Recreation office; the USDA Forest Service; or the guest facilities of a community, golf, or aquatics center. In all cases, you’ll support vital operations that have an impact on a region’s quality of life—an empowering bonus that is unique to the recreation industry. Keeping the human aspect of their work in mind, recreation interns are passionate about improving the programs that bring people together. From leading an arts and crafts tutorial at a residential camp, to restoring priority parklands at a national park, to directing a health and wellness program at a spa and resort, interns in recreation work for public benefit. To top it off, you’ll have a finger on the pulse of culture, arts, and public works. Interpersonal and project management skills become tantamount in these positions. You’ll work in a dynamic environment that adapts to a community’s or an organization's changing needs and develop a collaborative skillset. Recreation internships also share duties with the hospitality, event planning, and marketing departments, preparing you for diverse work in your professional life.

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