2024 Software Internships in Long Beach, CA

Today’s reliance on technology means that internships in software engineering are not only ubiquitous, but also diversified and vital to virtually any organization. Armed with a degree in computer science, software interns may find positions anywhere—from startups to nonprofits to globally recognized companies. Each work environment shapes the duties of the software internship and teaches the student unique skills in engineering. An intern in software development at a startup, for example, will be on board for early stage product planning. You’ll have a hand in everything from the development of the core product to UX/UI design to marketing. In this fast-paced environment, software internships teach you about the evolution of a product (and a company) as much as it does about scaling infrastructure or server deployment. Commit code at a brisk pace in an agile team environment. Alternatively, you may deepen your technical depth at a company like Facebook or Google and work on products that effect millions of users. Be tasked with critical projects that require research, collaboration, and a commitment to quality. Bring your best problem-solving skills to the table: your jurisdiction as an intern in software includes systems development, engineering productivity and quality assurance, and site reliability.

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