2024 Sports Marketing Internships in Daly City, CA

Ever want to market major sporting events to the masses? Well with sport marketing internships, you will have the opportunity. With an internship in sports marketing, you will learn about how to develop a grass roots campaign that drives community and city (or even state) wide support for the home team. No matter which sport it is, as a sport marketing intern, you’ll advance your skill set in the numerous avenues of sport marketing. Examples of different sport marketing paths include many varieties of online advertising, display marketing, and even ad space purchasing for billboards or signs. In any sports marketing internship, you’re expected to bring creative ideas to the table so always be brainstorming on how to reach new audiences (potential team fans) in new and innovative ways. You may be assigned to help support the sales team in driving ticket revenue, the customer support team to conduct user research, or as a sports marketing intern, you might even get to help find lucky fans for halftime competitions! When you intern in sport marketing, make sure to network with everyone and anyone possible, establish relationships and make sure you nurture those relationships so you can call upon them once you’re ready for a full-time role. In the sports marketing world, it can be all about “who you know” in addition to driving key metrics.

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