2024 Startup Internships in Orlando, FL

Do you dream of going to work in jeans with super motivated people and creating new things as a team? If you said “yes” to this, then becoming a startup intern might be for you. The world of startups is casual, but very hardworking. Many people think of Silicon Valley as the hub of startups and innovation, but there are many other cities and towns that can offer you an equally amazing place to land a startup internship. You’ll be doing groundbreaking work with other innovative employees. Maybe you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey, but regardless of your goals, being an intern at a startup can help you reach them. Startup internships give you the chance to see if this fast-paced part of the tech world is for you. Some startup entry level jobs require prior startup experience, because the environment is very different from corporate offices. Interning at a startup is a great way to bridge the gap between what you think you need to know, and what you really need to know to succeed in small and nimble companies. You will be able to help them grow by working on essential projects, while learning skills that are applicable to many other industries. The learning potential for startup interns is uncapped because you often will have access to the CEO, Co-founders, and many other knowledgeable team members. If you want to be given real responsibilities and gain skills, then do yourself a favor and look into internships at startups.

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