2024 Television Internships in Inglewood, CA

Have you always been interested in getting involved in the television industry? Always aspire to live in large media cities such as Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco? Maybe you just want to get involved in your local broadcast channel? Television internships are the best way to learn about the full production process. Whether you are interested in working behind the camera, writing scripts, or reporting, one summer as a television intern is a great start. As an intern in the television industry, you will not only gain valuable skills, but also begin building a strong network of media professionals. Are you interested in the business side of things? There are always opportunities in media sales, advertising operations, and accounting—all critical components to television. The primary advantage of the television industry is that there are so many different opportunities. Students with majors in marketing, communications, film, English, finance and more can all find suitable and valuable internships in television. So, whether you want to be an editor, work in public outreach, develop advertisements, or get your hands dirty in a newsroom production setting, searching television internships is a crucial step to starting your career. Get started with your search with the listings below!

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