2024 Wedding Planning Internships in Daly City, CA

Always browsing through Pinterest, pinning tips and tricks onto a wedding board? Then perhaps a wedding planning internship will be the perfect opportunity for you to explore your passion. An internship in wedding planning could prove to be life changing for you. Remember, Jennifer Lopez found the man of her dreams through being a highly coveted wedding planner in San Francisco. Life may not be a movie, but you sure can gain the ability to plan a wedding like one if you become a wedding planning intern. Think about it! Interns in wedding planning are exposed to all elements of the multi-billion dollar industry; such as vendor management, event planning, client based relationships and commission structure, not to mention all the fun and creative things like decorating! These skills will come in handy, should you create a career out of interning in wedding planning. Wedding planning isn’t all fun and games, though. With the industry being exceptionally competitive, planners must be on the top of their game and be willing to commit extensive amounts time, as it is a commission based career. Explore your options and see if this business savvy, but also artistic industry is the right path for you. It will allow you to see which parts of the business you excel at and want to focus on. Is the business portion more your forte or is the creative portion? And how can you do so? By finding an internship here on InternMatch.

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