2021 Winter Internships in Berkeley, CA

It’s cold and the days are short, but winter doesn’t have to suck if you know what you want to get out of it. Show employers how hungry you are by getting a winter internship and you won’t regret it. Figure out what your goals are in getting an internship and achieve them to stand out to employers. Winter is typically the season to stay in and drink hot cocoa by the fireplace, but you know that instead you could be productive, gaining useful work experience. So ditch the couch and think about what industries interest you. Winter break is an especially good time to build your resume because most people don’t want to be out in the cold anyway. You’ll have some time off from school and can use this time to focus on your role as a winter intern. Winter is the time to hibernate in preparation for the spring time when things pick up, but you don’t have to slow down on your path to a successful career. Deciding to intern in the winter is a great way to help you open up your future job options. Interning in the winter can help expand the options you have for summer internships and jobs after you graduate because you will be learning key skills that employers look out for.

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