2024 Community Outreach Part-time Jobs in Hanford, CA

If you live to help others and believe that making the world a better place starts right in your own community, then part-time jobs in community outreach positions are a great option for you. Community outreach jobs are any paid position where you're helping your community achieve positive outcomes. There are a variety of options when it comes to part-time roles within the industry, from hands-on social work, to data entry behind a desk. There are definitely some jobs in community outreach fields that are more common than others. Right now, for example, there are approximately 31,290 people working in individual and/or family services positions. There are many different job titles within this broad category, but these jobs typically involve working one-on-one with a troubled or at-risk person, such as a teenager from a bad neighborhood or a person who has recently been released from prison, or with an entire family that also has special needs.

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