2024 Forensic Science Part-time Jobs in Los Angeles, CA

When you’re looking for part-time jobs in Los Angeles, you can choose from many different industries to find the opportunity right for you. Home of half of the major film studios in America, the city is constantly reinventing ways to tell stories and push the envelope of creativity. Museums, art galleries, and recording studios need both experienced workers and newcomers like students and recent graduates to offer creative assistance in this cultural melting pot. And don’t forget that tourism drives a ton of revenue and needs part-time employees to keep it going. Los Angeles is much more than the Entertainment Capital of the World due to its diverse population and the busiest port in the country. More types of manufacturing jobs can be found here than in any other U.S. city. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC) are two of the city’s top employers. The bustling food scene requires part-time restaurant employees to meet the demands of a population always looking to try something new. With so much international commerce, opportunities in finance, healthcare, and law are always available. Search for a part-time job in Los Angeles from a variety of fields in our up-to-date 2020 listings.

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