What should I do if I'm ignored after an interview?

After interviewing, I don't hear back from the company or the people I interviewed with in the allotted timeframe. I contact them, but I'm lucky to even get a rejection as a response. We have prompt communication and seem to be on good terms from scheduling to my follow-up, but then it goes quiet, so what am I doing wrong?

Asked by ShannonBerry College

2 Answers


I've had this happen to me more times than I care to count. Honestly, I wouldn't take it as a reflection of you or your interview. Often times, companies get hundreds of applications for one job, and then interview a lot of applicants. In the end, they often forget to follow up because they are so busy finishing remaining interviews and then sending an offer and onboarding one of the applicants.

If you were in close communication with the company, it wouldn't hurt to follow up a second time and express continued interest. In the email, you could mention new projects or classwork that you have completed that align with the job.

You're not doing anything wrong. Keep applying and trying your best - good luck!

Answered by LucilleBarnard College


Follow ups are great! Follow ups show that you are still interested in the job position as well as your work ethic. Companies can get busy when they interview many applicants, especially at once so I will have patience. As a rule of thumb, always have a back up plan so you're not "wasting time."

Answered by KierraFlagler College-St Augustine