How much makeup is okay to wear to an interview?

This question isn't really for me it's honestly more for some of my friends....I feel like some of them wear way too much makeup. But does that make you look bad to a recruiter?

Asked by EMMAUniversity of Southern California

Lucille RT! Also, what about too little? I don't really wear makeup but sometimes I worry that it's not professional.

1 Answer


Personally, I would go for a natural look: Foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and a light lip color. However, I think you should completely be yourself when it comes to makeup. A recruiter is not looking at how much makeup you're wearing. They care about your work ethic, experience, professionalism, and attitude. You don't have to wear more or less than you normally would wear. It's so important that you feel and look your best when meeting an employer for the first time. If you love to wear makeup and are used to wearing eyeshadow, blush, colorful lipstick etc. there is no reason to change your routine for an interview. Go get em beautiful! :)


Answered by EllenUniversity of Michigan-Ann Arbor