Should I send a thank you note by mail or email?

I just finished a pretty solid interview and I want to make sure I leave a lasting impression. I've heard some people say something handwritten is a really nice touch, but isn't "snail mail" dead?

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Both! I like to send "thank you" email as soon as possible after interviews so that the interviewer knows that I'm eager and on top of things. Then, I like to drop a handwritten note in the mail the next day as a "cherry on top".

You don't really need the handwritten note, but you should at least send the email. Surprisingly few people send a thank you note after an interview, and it will really help you stand out. Ask for your interviewer's business card on the way out the door, and if you forget, you can try to Google the person's work email or potentially ask the recruiting coordinator for the interviewer's email so that you can say thank you.

Answered by HannahBrand Marketing at WayUp

Shayla I agree with Both! Not many people will mail a note out so when the hiring manager or recruiter gets that note it will really add a WOW factor. I had a manager once that remembered a candidate only by the physical thank you note and was really impressed by it.
Crystal Okay, just for clarification: How do you get the information to send a snail mail thank you? I have been on several interviews where the physical location is not the location that person receives mail at (coffee shops, and the like). So what do you do then?
Omar Yeah, that can be pretty interesting to navigate, Crystal. I'd say just mail things to the office they work at and address it to their attention. Should end up in their hands that way, I'd assume.

I think email is totally fine. The more instantaneous the better. A nice handwritten letter can wow your recruiter, but do you really have time to wait in line at the post office? ;)

Answered by DavidHarvard University


I vote for email, primarily because of speed. Mail will take a few days and the interviewer may have already made their mind up after they've received it. You want them to receive the message right away.

Answered by SurajNew York University


Email is really the only pragmatic way. A hand written note is a nice thought - but the reality is it gets lost at many larger companies in the "corporate mail". It would be best to send an email immediately (I mean within the hour) or within 24 hours. It shows a higher level of interest on your part.

Answered by MitchellUniversity of Washington-Seattle Campus