Can I negotiate my salary for an internship?

I got an offer that's about half of what my salary was at my previous two internships. I really was expecting to make the same amount or more, so this came as a shock. I really like this company but the pay cut seems extreme. The last company I was at was also smaller than this one so I would think they would've had more budget constraints. Is it okay to ask for more money? I'm sure asking for double is too much, but what is appropriate?

Once difference is that this internship is in a different city than the last two have been in, so I know that can affect salaries. However, this one is a much more expensive city to live in and the last one didn't have state income tax! Any advice on how to approach this would be much appreciated!!

Asked by AlexaEmory University

1 Answer


Yes! Although it does depend on the role and the company. Some companies have strict budgets to adhere to and some companies allow for some leeway. It never hurts to ask!

The main thing I'd recommend is being transparent and honest in that negotiation. You should share that same context you shared in the question description with the hiring manager/recruiter. Figure out what the minimum compensation you'd like to make would be, then make sure that they can at least meet that. Anything above that could be phrased as "what would make you super excited to take the role" in addition to any other perks they may be offering you. Good luck with the negotiations!!

Answered by ShaylaAtlantic University College