When applying for a design job online, should I attach my ATS Resume or Design Resume?

I hear that when applying online, your resume goes through an Applicant Tracking System that basically scans your resume to determine if it should be further seen by an actual human. To "pass" this system, you must use an ATS resume which is your standard resume that only uses type and no design elements whatsoever. Does this apply to design jobs as well, or should we just submit our design resumes from the get-go?

Asked by ChelseaCalifornia State University-East Bay

1 Answer


Hi Chelsea. Great question! Some companies will ask you to enter your information using their own systems in order to skim through your experience quickly. So make sure you format your work experience to the systems request. However, I would also encourage that you attach a PDF of your resume, and include a link to your portfolio. I'm also a designer, and when applying to jobs will always add a link to my portfolio so they have examples of my work. (Include a hyperlink in your resume as well) Make sure that your resume it is clean and the information is easy to read- don't over design it! Here are some great examples of design resumes for inspiration: http://bestfolios.com/resumes. Hope this helps!

Answered by EllenUniversity of Michigan-Ann Arbor