How important is LinkedIn?

Will a recruiter actively seek out my LinkedIn profile if they already have my resume? Do recruiters care about LinkedIn at all?

Also, how careful should I be with who I connect with on LinkedIn? Sometimes I feel like maybe I shouldn't connect with random people from high school and middle school who I'm not entirely sure I want to endorse as a quality professional person....but does this really matter?

Asked by EMMAUniversity of Southern California

1 Answer


I've been found on LinkedIn by recruiters (and have been tipped off on positions) and it's a way for people who already have your resume to see what else you've been doing that you haven't put on it, like taking classes and working on projects. I've connected with people I knew from college, jobs, and people I know professionally. I've also connected with family members and teachers. So, I'd say it's good to connect with anyone who knows you well enough and can likely count as a reference or a networking link.

Answered by CristinaArizona State University