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awkward moments

Uhhhhhh awk! Get those awkward moments out front and center so you can learn from them and laugh!

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back to basics

There's no such thing as a stupid question – let's drill those fundamentals!

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boss problems

Tricky situation with your boss? Discuss it here.

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Learn tips and strategies to make sure you stay financially strong!

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career advice

Discuss what steps you're want to take to create a long-term, fulfilling career.

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Share stories and tips to inspire your peers and give 'em the confidence they need to ace whatever they're working on!

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cover letters

How to describe yourself in a page or less. The dreaded cover letter. Here are all the questions related to putting your best foot forward.

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Anything related to user experience design, user interface design, product design, industrial design, architecture & art

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dream job

Talk about what the best problems to solve would be or what the coolest office would look like!

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All things related to email etiquette, like when & how to send certain emails, and of course, when to reply-all!

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first job

Chat about entering the workplace for the first time with your peers!

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All things regarding navigating gender in the workplace.

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Discuss different habits that have helped you, habits you're trying to break, and how to establish new habits!

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Can't stop – Won't stop! Talk to others about the #grind.

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industry insight

Share the latest on a certain industry, or even better, how you go about staying on top of your industry!

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All things to get you back in that groove! Let's make it happen!

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Interns may be high school students, college and university students, or post-graduate adults. These positions may be paid or unpaid and are temporary. Typically, an internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the intern and the organization.

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interview prep

Questions related to how to prepare for an interview, things to read, questions to gather.

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All things interview-related, from phone screens to all-day interview sessions.

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job search

All things related to landing that next gig. Share insights with your fellow job-seekers on crushing an interview or staying positive if leads seem slim.

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All questions related to marketing jobs and internships.

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Learn from others mistakes so you don't have to make them yourself!

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The green – the paper – the cheddar. You know what it is. Talk to your peers about keeping money or making more of it!

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All things related to making your network stronger, not just larger.

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office culture

All things pertaining to the unique traits of your office & team related to how people get things done, not just what gets done.

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personal branding

Chat about what makes for a brand that will make you stand out on any platform an employer would see you on.

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real world problems

The real world is tough. Learn from your peers' experiences to provide support and brace yourself for entering the real world as well.

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All questions related to formatting resumes.

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routine & productivity

All things about setting up a productive lifestyle and breaking out of procrastination.

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self improvement

Learn from others how they're growing personally and professionally.

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social media

Talk about the universe of social media and how to navigate it in the workplace from personal and brand perspectives.

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All those questions for the hackers trying to make some interwebz.

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time off

Everyone needs a little vacay. Ask your peers how they navigate time off at their jobs.

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All things related to going from no job to dream job.

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All things that you just can't even

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