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Boise State University, the state’s largest university with over 22,000 students, is a public university founded in 1932, in Boise, Idaho. It was initially a private school, before coming under the state’s higher education system in 1969. The college offers associate, certificate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, with a strong emphasis on research. The school is known for its top notch engineering programs, offers the country’s only degree in Raptor Biology, and conducts great research in molecular biology, among other areas. Athletics at BSU brings out strong support, especially football, with the team playing great ball in the last few years. BSU’s Albertsons Stadium is the only one in US history with a non-green turf – it has a blue one (nicknamed Smurf Turf by students). There is an active Greek life on campus, with 12 social fraternities. Students at BSU appear to revel in outdoorsy stuff, with a boat ride on Boise River (which runs right behind campus), fly fishing, and visiting concerts at Taco Bell Arena being top entertainment options, besides the several student organisations and clubs on campus. The urban setting and relatively low cost of living ensures that students get to experience city life while also getting the best of college experiences.

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