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Clark University is a private liberal arts university located in Worchester, Massachusetts. The college holds the distinction of being the oldest educational institution founded as an all-graduate university in the US. The college now offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, in fields such as Psychology, International Relations, and Business Management, to name a few. It is known as the birth place of rocket propulsion. The college has a unique approach to undergraduate studies, where students are encouraged to conduct their own research, which is then presented at the campus. The college is known for placing a strong emphasis on research in the graduate level as well, in the areas of biology, environmental science, holocaust studies, geography, and others, which has gained a reputation for its top notch quality. It is a medium sized student population, with approx. 4000 students, most of who live on-campus. With more than 130 clubs & organisations, a number of student run publications, and intramurals & sports, students are never short of things to do. Spree Day is a unique Clark tradition, where ‘Clarkies’ celebrate a day with no classes, and university sponsored drinking and carnivals. It is tradition to keep the day secret from first years, who will be woken up that morning by seniors running through their dorms! Notable people of Clark University include Stanley Hall and Robert H. Goddard. The college currently ranks 75th on the US News & World Report.

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