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Georgia Southern University

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Avg. Degree Length 4+ years

Walk around the Circle three times with your sweetheart on the campus of Georgia State University, and you’ll stay together for life, or so tradition says. While this public university in Statesboro, GA makes no guarantees in the personal love department, it sure makes its 18,000 undergraduates fall in love with the unique and life-shaping opportunities and resources it has to offer, each and every academic year. From an expansive botanical garden and the historically rich Georgia Southern Museum to the recently-expanded, 220,000-square-foot Recreation Activity Center, there’s something at GSU for just about everyone to see or do. That’s looking beyond its 117 academic majors, 40-plus Greek chapters and unusually active media program (regional magazines The Reflector, The Miscellany, Our House, Lantern Walk, and Our Neighborhood are all headquartered on-campus!) As it searches for its 13th university president in 2016, Georgia Southern proves its ability to adapt itself for an ever-changing society and the ever-evolving needs of the generations that will mold our future.

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