The 10 First Tweets of the Biggest Minds in Business

Nailah Morgan
The 10 First Tweets of the Biggest Minds in Business

Whether you’re a student hunting down internships, or a small business working to obtain more customers, an online brand is key for managing your reputation and appeal. We continuously stress to students how important it is to trademark your online presence, and to keep in mind that even your first tweets can be searched and analyzed by employers!

In honor of Twitter’s 8th birthday, we compiled a list of the first tweets ever tweeted by the biggest minds in business, fashion, and technology. See how these moguls first began using social media and how they made their debut on Twitter.

Creator of Harry Potter

American Software Developer

Microsoft Co- Founder

Twitter Co-Founder

CEO and Co-Founder of HubSpot

CEO of Apple Inc.

Chairman and CEO of News Corporation (News Corps.)

American Fashion Designer

Founder of Virgin Group

Intuit’s President and Chief Executive Officer

Comment below with the most interesting first tweet you read today!