10 Paid (Yes, PAID!) Campus Rep Programs Looking for College Students Now

Lily Herman
10 Paid (Yes, PAID!) Campus Rep Programs Looking for College Students Now

At this point, you’re probably well into your fall semester and settled into your classes and extracurriculars. But if you’re looking for an easy way to make extra cash and gain amazing work experience, we’ve got a treat for you.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the coolest paid (yes, PAID!) campus rep positions on WayUp right now for you to check out, and they’re hiring students from all over the country. Take a look, apply, and get ready to watch that cash roll in.

1. Campus Ambassador, Facebook

Yes, you’re reading this correctly: Social media giant Facebook is hiring Campus Ambassadors on WayUp. You’ll earn $15 per hour helping Facebook test its new College Communities product. Apply now.

2. Campus Rep, Trusted

As a Campus Rep for Trusted, you’ll be identifying child care providers, promoting job opportunities, and meeting with program managers to discuss your marketing tactics.

You’ll make $15 per hour in this role. Apply now.

3. Campus Rep, Fullstack Academy

In the position of Campus Rep for Fullstack Academy, you’ll be finding quality students to apply for the company’s Summer of Code program, promoting campus meetups for the program, and finding new ways to market Fullstack Academy’s offerings on your campus.

For your efforts, you’ll receive $500 per referral in addition to hourly rates for specific events. Apply now.

4. Campus Rep, NEU

NEU Campus Reps are tasked with reaching out to different groups of students on campus and setting them up with custom apparel orders. You’ll receive a 10% commission for every sale you make, and some reps have made up to $2,000 in a single semester. Apply now.

5. Brand Ambassador, Instacart

Live in Austin? On-demand delivery service Instacart is on the hunt for Brand Ambassadors to recruit new shoppers and bring brand awareness to their respective campus. (And if you’re not in Austin, Instacart is also looking for reps in Boston and San Francisco.)

The pay’s pretty sweet, too: You’ll get $100 for every shopper you refer. Apply now.

6. Campus Rep, CollegeTown Promos

You’ll be building the CollegeTown brand around your campus and coming up with your own marketing strategies. Even cooler, you get a 5% commission on all sales as well as an extra 2% commission on sales made by other reps you recruit.  Apply now.

7. Campus President, Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement

The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement is looking to create chapters at colleges nationwide. In exchange for setting up a chapter on your campus and creating awareness, you’ll receive a $500 annual stipend, free SCLA membership, and a letter of recommendation. Apply now.

8. Campus Rep, Textbook Valet

Textbook Valet will pay you to ensure students use its technologies at the end of the semester to sell their textbooks and generate awareness around campus.

And get this: Many students earn up to $1,200 during finals week off of the program’s 20% commission rate. Apply now.

9. Campus Ambassador, WeRally

Love social media and want to learn more about how to market an amazing app to thousands of young people? WeRally, a platform that helps you get together with friends, is looking for Campus Ambassadors to market its app on campuses nationwide.

You’ll get a $200 sign-on bonus, plus at least $250 per month and free swag. Apply here.

10. Brand Ambassador, OXO

Love to immerse yourself in a company’s mission? OXO is looking for talented Brand Ambassadors to show off its kitchenwares and other products to potential customers. You’ll earn $15 (and $60 for four-hour demos), business cards, and free products in addition to sales and marketing experience. Apply now.

These campus rep positions are just the beginning; surf thousands of listings curated just for you on WayUp!