The 10 Things You Missed on #NationalInternDay

Dan Murdoch and Steve Kuchenreuther, WayUp Staff
The 10 Things You Missed on #NationalInternDay

Did you know WayUp started a National Holiday? Well, ICYMI here are a few of the highlights from the first ever National Intern Day! 

1. 9:00 AM EST: Liz Wessel is on the TODAY Show with Al Roker

2. 11:15 AM EST: #NationalInternDay is a trending topic on Twitter in NYC

National Intern Day Trending in NY

3. 12:30 PM EST: Liz & JJ (Co-Founders of WayUp) take WayUp’s summer interns to lunch for National Intern Day

Liz and JJ Lunch with Interns

4. 2:00 PM EST #NationalInternDay is a trending topic on Twitter in the US

National Intern Day Trending in US

5. 3:00 PM EST: The one and only John Legere posts about #NationalInternDay on Twitter

6. 4:20 PM EST: WayUp’s Facebook Live Session with L’Oréal America CEO

7. 4:30 PM EST: WayUp CEO Liz Wessel is on Cheddar TV

8. 5:00 PM EST: WayUp is #Trending worldwide on Twitter!

Worldwide Twitter Trends National Intern Day

9. 5:30 PM EST: WayUp recognizes it’s summer interns with an ice cream party

WayUp Interns Celebrate National Intern Day

10. 7:00 PM EST: Bars around the city including Brother Jimmy’s and SideBar celebrate #NationalInternDay

National Intern Day Bar Coasters

…and that’s a wrap! Interested in learning more? Check out

Want to know learn what it takes to be one of the Nation’s best interns? Check out this year’s winners here!

Also, here’s a few more awesome #interns:

Melinda Gates in on the #NationalInternDay action

NASA’s interns also had some fun celebrating.

Even Pikachu had something to say

Did someone say #NationalInternDay? Senior #InternPikachu is ready to celebrate! #Pokemon

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Last (but certainly not least) the bright minds at Google making their mark