20+ Great Apps and Sites For College Students

Kenneth Waldman
20+ Great Apps and Sites For College Students

Are you a college student seeking an internship or job? Or, maybe you’re just looking for opportunities that can ease your workload and the stress of schoolwork? Look no more! These tools will guide you as you manage school and seek out the next step.


Essay Mama can help manage your heavy school load. The professional academic essay service offers editing, proofreading and writing options for students and professionals.


Get That Gig is built for younger job seekers (ages 16-21). The site educates students about potential career paths, offers summer jobs and internships and lets you post your resume.


GoAbroad offers students a variety of paid and volunteer internships across the globe. Some opportunities also offer job credit and all are free to apply to.


InternshipPrograms is unique in that it lets students apply to internships directly from the website. Most of the jobs are in the business, marketing and PR categories, though law firms, government agencies and even sports teams are represented.


Recent college graduates can use iTraineeship to find international training programs, job opportunities and graduate business courses. You can search through current opportunities by category. The program is free.


Easily keep your work and school life organized with this app. Evernote stores your calendar, lists and important notes all in one place. You can also save important articles you find online.

Writing Kit

Writing Kit is an app for writers. It can assist you with research and writing and it syncs to Markdown and Dropbox. There is a small fee for the app.

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus is a great resource for college students who feel they need a little extra help comprehending the topics. Choose from a variety of lectures about topics ranging from psychology to economics.


It’s easy to get overloaded by the workload in college. MindGenius lets you create mind maps to more easily arrange all the information you learned in class, so you can understand it in a more meaningful way.


Zoho makes it easy to manage all of your reading, presentations and projects. You can upload a task to Zoho, and it will create an easy to use page where you can view the material without distractions.

Scientific Research

Scientific Research offers open access to peer-reviewed journal articles that you would otherwise need to pay for. You can also visit the website from the app.

Writing House

Writing House is a tool that automates the citation process of academic papers. Just add in the information from your resources, and Writing House will create your bibliography or reference page. The site supports Chicago, MLA, APA and Harvard styles.


WayUp (the site that hosts this blog!) claims to have the largest database of paid internships online. The site’s primary focus is business oriented, but they also offer a lot of difficult to find non-profit opportunities. WayUp is also free to use.

Global Experiences

Global Experiences offers a database of summer internships, jobs, volunteer opportunities, teaching opportunities and travel options to broaden your horizons. The website is fee-based depending on the program you select.


iHipo stands for International High Potential Network. It’s sort of a combination of a social networking website and a job search website. Students can create a profile, search through job opportunities and develop professional contacts.

Internships Down Under

Internships Down Under helps students find internships in Australia and New Zealand. The website will also help you through the process of applying for a visa and arranging flights and other travel arrangements.

These tools will assist you with your academic workload and help you focus on the future. Whether you’re looking for an internship, a job or just your next big adventure, these tools will help you find it, so start searching today!

Author: Kenneth Waldman is a freelance writer and content creator. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.