25 Free Online Classes That’ll Give You Valuable Skills Every Employer Looks For

Lily Herman
25 Free Online Classes That’ll Give You Valuable Skills Every Employer Looks For

As the job market continues to get more and more competitive every year, continuously learning new skills is becoming all the more critical. Getting complacent in your school work or job can force you into a rut, whereas constantly broadening your horizons leads you to new opportunities all the time.

Take their advice and learn something new today. Check out these 25 free classes, broken down depending on the skills you’re hoping to acquire and organized by length of the class. Each one, from programming to people management, will give you highly sought-after skills that’ll make you a prized job applicant and employee.

If You Want to Sharpen Your Computer Programming Skills

1. Introduction to HTML: Learn How to Create a Simple Webpage, Skillshare

HTML is the foundation of webpages, and knowing how to create your own is a good skill to have.

Length: 8 lessons / 27 minutes

2. Programming and the Web for Beginners, Coursera

This introductory course will take you through several major programming languages (CSS, HTML and JavaScript) and show you what it means to program and build algorithms.

Length: 4 lessons / 12 hours

3. How to Create a Website in a Weekend, Cousera

If you want to go beyond creating a webpage and actually build a functioning website from scratch, there’s no need to panic; just take this course.

Length: 3 lessons / 15 hours

4. How to Use Git and GitHub, Udacity

Understanding how to use project tools like Git and how to upload your portfolio to collaborative sites like GitHub will make you look like you know what you’re talking about when it comes to product development and also allow you to collaborate with our people working on projects.

Length: 3 lessons / 18 hours

5. Building Mobile Experiences, edX

Mobile is huge for any business, so understanding what it means to build products for mobile is a critical skill regardless of field or job title.

Length: 4 courses / 40 hours

If You Want to Become a Design Whiz

6. Demystifying Beauty: Inspiration for Design, Skillshare

What does it mean to make something beautiful? Find out.

Length: 9 lessons / 36 minutes

7. Graphic Design 101, Digital Tutors

What is graphic design? This quick course gives you a complete overview so that you can figure out the basics.

Length: 7 lessons / 16 minutes

8. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essential Tools, ALISON

It’s all about Photoshop nowadays, so understanding how to use the most popular tools can get you ahead in the office.

Length: 2 lessons / 2 hours

9. Digital Photography, ALISON

Whether it’s taking company headshots or photographing an event, your boss will thank you for having a camera on hand and understanding how to use it correctly.

Length: 13 lessons / 15 hours

10. Design and Make Infographics, Coursera

It might seem random, but you see infographics all the time and might not even realize it, but infographics serve all sorts of purposes at any job, including (but not limited to) critical visualization and presentation skills.

Length: 4 lessons / 16 hours

If You Want to Sharpen Your Communication Skills

11. Writing for Consistency: Finding Your Creative Voice, Skillshare

While this course is geared towards creative writing, the principles you will learn are still true for any written communication. Keeping your audience engaged is always a struggle, so learn how your voice can make sure people are reading along.

Length: 5 lessons / 20 minutes

12. Writing Professional Emails and Memos, Coursera

Fact: We could all write better emails.

Length: 3 lessons / 10 hours

13. Introduction to Public Speaking, Coursera

You’ve probably heard the statistic that many people are more afraid of public speaking than death. Take this course so you won’t be one of those people.

Length: 10 lessons / 18 hours

14. English for Journalists: Free Speech and Media Trends, edX

While the course title may lead you to believe that you need to be a journalist to take it, don’t be discouraged. The class itself goes over the many forms of writing that journalism comes in (from investigative reporting to satire), all of which can be useful to know.

Length: 5 lessons / 20 hours

15. Grammar and Punctuation, Coursera

Spending 20 hours talking about grammar and punctuation might seem like a lot, but you’d be surprised how often people are overlooked for jobs, promotions and opportunities simply because they haven’t mastered the English language.

Length: 4 lessons / 20 hours

If You Want to Get Better at Business

16. Introducing the Art of Negotiation, ALISON

No matter what field you’re in, knowing how to persuade people that you’re right is a valuable skill.

Length: 2 modules / 2 hours

17. Accounting, ALISON

Even if you aren’t technically working on the financial side of any business, there’s a 100% chance you’ll deal with money in some form or another at your job.

Length: 2 modules / 2 hours

18. Introduction to Statistics, Udacity

Get a leg up at work by knowing how to analyze, visualize and interpret data and forecast trends.

Length: 6 lessons / 10 hours

19. Microsoft Office 2010, ALISON

You’re probably thinking, “But I already know how to use Microsoft Word!” Not so fast. This course takes you through how to use the most well-known Microsoft Office tools (Word and PowerPoint) but also programs like Excel, Access and Outlook.

Length: 60 lessons / 20 hours

20. Google Analytics Academy

Here’s a sure bet: If you’re the person in the room who knows how to work every part Google Analytics, you’ll become your boss’ favorite employee.

Length: 5 lessons / 20 hours

If You Want to Be an Inspiring Leader

21. Introduction to Time Management, ALISON

How can you be a great leader to others if you don’t have your own schedule down?

Length: 2 lessons / 2 hours

22. Inclusive Leadership Training, edX

Learn what it means to be the best leader possible to a wide variety of people and to bring out the best in others.

Length: 3 lessons / 6 hours

23. Working in Teams, edX

What makes a team high-performing? What does the opposite? Get the techniques and tools you need to motivate others and run a well-rounded operation.

Length: 1 lesson / 8 hours

24. Career Brand Development and Self-Coaching, Coursera

Get a better sense of your career, your branding and where you’re going. The better you know yourself and how you operate, the more you can help others.

Length: 5 lessons / 15 hours

25. A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work, Coursera

Impress a future employer or your boss with your skills in people management.

Length: 6 lessons / 18 hours

Now that you’ve got the skills, are you ready to become the best employee ever?