3 Habits of Students Who Have It All Together

Kema Christian-Taylor - WayUp Staff
3 Habits of Students Who Have It All Together

We all know students like this. They participate in 1,000 extracurriculars, take some of the toughest classes and volunteer in their free time and they already have an internship lined up for next summer…all while somehow managing to have a social life. How do they do it?

People aren’t always born with the trait of balancing everything at once – many of the habits that have become routine to them had to be learned and acquired, so if you want to emulate these students, you can. Here are 3 habits that will help you manage everything on your plate without breaking a sweat.

They purposely put themselves in high-pressure situations.

Newsflash: These students know they’re signing up for a lot. They know there will come a time when they have a big game, a final paper and a presentation for their internship in a single week. Even so, they aren’t deterred by a challenge. They test their limits by putting themselves in high-pressure situations, getting comfortable with a high amount of demands and learning how to work smart. The end result? They typically come out stronger because they discover exactly just how much they can achieve.

Note that this does NOT mean you should try to stress yourself out – there’s a huge difference between challenging yourself and going overboard. What it does mean is that you never know what you can accomplish if you don’t push yourself.

They’re highly active.

As in, one of these students literally just whizzed past you during a morning run through campus. No matter how hectic their schedules get, these students always set aside time to exercise because it’s vital to their well-being.

Not only does physical activity reduce stress and produce endorphins that will give you a positive outlook on life, it also gives you additional brain power. Studies have shown that exercising causes memory retention – perfect for staying on top of your game in class, especially if you have midterms and finals coming up.

They know when to buckle down – and do it often.

Yes, you’ll see these students out on a Saturday night on campus. What you might not know is that you’ll also find them in the library at 3 pm on a Wednesday in between classes. They know there’s a long to-do list, and instead of wasting time complaining about it, they set aside time to get it done. Think about all the times you’ve put together a schedule or a to-do list for yourself…and an hour later, you’d only sort-of checked off your first item. These students stick to their guns – what they set out to accomplish will be accomplished.

They also don’t kid themselves – they know that having Facebook open in another tab is only going to distract them, so they do whatever they can to practice self-restraint and focus – whether that means anything from turning their phones off to using sites like Cold Turkey to temporarily lock themselves out of social media.

Ultimately, these students take success into their own hands, making the decision every day to practice discipline and stay on their game. Once you begin practicing these 3 habits – to the point that they just become part of your routine – you’ll be set up for success both in college and when you start your career.