3 Reasons You Should Have A Side Hustle (Besides Just Making More Money)

Liam Berry
3 Reasons You Should Have A Side Hustle (Besides Just Making More Money)

Side hustles are a way of making money without the commitment of a full-time (or even a normal part-time) gig to worry about. In fact, they can often work in tandem with being a full-time student, having a regular part-time job, or—if you’re crazy busy—both of those things.

Some side hustles also work with full-time jobs. These are usually more freelance roles and ones that allow you to define your schedule and pick up work when it works for you. This means putting in extra time when you have it and getting extra money when you need it.

With all of this flexibility, who needs another reason to sign up for a side hustle? Well, just in case, we’ve put together a list of the top three reasons everyone should have a side hustle.

1. They Can Help You Move Up

Find A Side Hustle That Moves You Up
Yeah, that way.

And the best side hustles can accomplish not one, but two valuable goals for you:

  1. Make money.
  2. Beef up your resume.

While it’s different than a full-time job or an internship, a side hustle still “counts” as work experience and can be a major boon to your resume. Think about it: You’re still picking up new skills. You’re still contributing to the functions of a company. Plus, you’re actually demonstrating next-level time management skills by showing that you’re able to handle your current job, studies, or whatever is your primary occupation while also killing it at a different job entirely.

Side hustles can also demonstrate talents that you might not otherwise get the chance to show off. For example, finding a gig as a full-time journalist or writer can be pretty difficult, even with the proper experience on your resume. However, tons of online publications and companies need writers to make digital content for them on a freelance basis. That’s a side hustle that works wonders on your resume AND makes you money. And that’s just one example.

Your resume should show what you’re passionate about, what skills you’re most proud of, and where you want your career to go. A side hustle helps you illustrate that a lot better—and shows that you’re serious about pursuing your goals, no matter how lofty or ambitious they might be.

2. You’ll Get A Taste For The Entrepreneurial World

You ARE the boss.

When you’ve got a side hustle, chances are that you’re—in a sense—your own boss. You set your schedule, you pursue new clients, and you build lasting relationships with customers. While this might not seem like a lot, it actually makes you the owner of your very own business.

Consider side hustles like being a Tutor at Varsity Tutors or a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker/Animal Lover @ Rover—at these companies, you’re basically running your own small business. They connect you with students, clients, or adorable puppies, and it’s up to you to make those relationships as profitable and potent as you can.

You’ll be the face of your own company, learn the value of your time, and see how important it is to market yourself properly to get referrals.

These skills are important for everyone, no matter what kind of career they want to have. Even if you’re not interested in entering the business world for yourself one day, you can still benefit. Intrapreneurship is the practice of creating new products or services and capitalizing on market opportunities within an established organization. Being able to execute on new initiatives like a true entrepreneur will help you move up any corporate ladder fast AND lead to a more fulfilling career overall.

That’s a benefit you can’t get with just any kind of job.

3. You Can Make Connections That Lead To A Full-Time Job (It’s Called Networking!)

Your Side Hustle Can Help You Make Connections
Not that kind of connection…but you get the idea!

At this age, connections are more valuable than ever. With only a couple summers of internships and (maybe) a year of work behind you, chances are the “experience” section on your resume won’t always be enough to get your foot in the door of your dream company. That’s why networking, whenever possible, is important. And a side hustle can help you do just that.

Not quite understanding how a side hustle can help you network? Let’s go through a few examples.

You’re working in a gig economy job for a new tech company. You start to understand their operations, build a relationship with the regional leader, and—perhaps—you find yourself in a position to ask for a recommendation when it comes to applying for a full-time business or tech role at that company. You could even ask your point of contact at the company if there are any openings at the company for someone like you. This is how some of the best jobs are found.

Let’s say you’re working as a tutor, then you’ve got yourself a list of clients. Hopefully you’ve shown your students (and their parents) that you’ve got both a special skill/talent and the ability to communicate effectively. This can mean a recommendation to the company where they do their internship or where their parents work. Plus, it’s more than just recommending a friend; it’s a recommendation from someone who’s known you both as a person and an employee.

Find Your Side Hustle, Right Now

If you’re sold (and you should be), then now is the time to get cracking. Pick a skill or a passion, find a way to get paid for it, and then apply to that side hustle on WayUp. Whether it’s freelance writing, dog walking, tutoring, field marketing, or something else altogether, you can find it on WayUp.

We’ve even put together a handy list of the four best side hustles for your resume, so check it out and get applying!