3 Ways to Get More Signups as a Campus Ambassador

Kema Christian-Taylor - WayUp Staff
3 Ways to Get More Signups as a Campus Ambassador

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As a college student, you are the eyes and ears on your campus: You know your school better than anyone else. Because of this, you are vital to employers’ college marketing efforts, which is why you’ll see so many Campus Ambassador roles opening up throughout the school year.

Even though employers know you’re valuable, this is your time to prove it. Top performing ambassadors are much more likely to get a full-time job or internship at the company – or receive recommendations for great opportunities at other companies. Whether your goal is to get more signups, downloads or subscriptions, here are the some of best ways to get the highest results.

Tap into your networks.

Hopefully, you have gotten involved in organizations on campus from sports teams and greek life to affinity groups and study groups–even something as simple as recruiting students in your dorm will work. Take time to map out all your different circles and think of creative strategies to target them. What are the needs of each of the different groups and how do they fit into the brand’s mission? Ask your RA to host a pizza party (and ask your company to pay for it!) so that you can talk up the brand to everyone in your dorm. Get comfortable sending out email blasts, going up to friends of friends and even organizing contests between rival organizations to see who can get the most sign ups.

Speak up in class.

Some professors will allow you to take 5 minutes before or after lecture to present the brand to your classmates, so just ask for permission! At WayUp, we make it easy for our students by sending them a quick  presentation that they can show at the ready, but if the company you’re working for hasn’t given you collateral, make sure to get approval on your presentation. Make it short, sweet and energetic — your objective is to motivate your audience to take action.

The final slide in your presentation should always include your signup link to ensure that you get credit for your classmates’ registrations.  (We even recommend placing it in the bottom, right-hand corner of each slide.) If you decide to go for a simple pitch instead of a PowerPoint, just make sure to write your unique link up on the dry erase board.

Leverage social media.

Many interviewers will ask Campus Ambassador candidates about their social media following: If you have a large fan base, you have a ton of influence.  Change your profile picture and your cover photo to something that markets the brand (and make sure to include your link in the photo description!). You can even ask the company for the perfect graphics to showcase on social media or create them yourself through Canva. Post Facebook statuses and host events, tweet company blog posts, and create cool Instagram posts of students using the company website or app — leverage your accounts to get more eyeballs on the brand.

Important tip: For every link that you post or send, you can use a URL shortener like Bitly or goo.gl to help track how many clicks your links have gotten! Use that to compare to the number of sign ups you’re getting – if your conversion rate is high, that’s another impressive result to add to your resume.

Use these tips and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top-performing campus ambassador. If all else fails, check in with your boss or brand manager, and ask about the most effective initiatives they’ve seen during their time managing the ambassador program. Now go out and get those sign ups!