4 Tips To Help You De-Stress In Only 10 Minutes

Alyssa Doyle
4 Tips To Help You De-Stress In Only 10 Minutes

In our fast-paced society, nearly every day consists of a busy schedule and it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed. Whether it’s school, work, your social life, or other responsibilities that are stressing you out, taking breaks is a must. They are good for your health and they give you something to look forward to during your hectic day. Even if you don’t have that much time on your hands, you can take a deep breath and relax in only 10 minutes. You wouldn’t believe the impact it will have on your mood and then when you return to work or class, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on your next task.

Check out some of our tips below to relax when you’re on the clock!

1. Go outside and take a walk.

A breath of fresh air truly is the cure for anything. If you begin to feel stressed out or you just need a minute to breathe, taking a walk outside will do the trick. It gives you a chance to remove yourself from your environment, gets your blood circulating and allows you to declutter your mind, which will help lift the weight off your shoulders. Basking in the sun (or even a little rain) for even just a short period of time will rejuvenate you.

2. Drink a cup of tea.

Tea is meant to soothe you and help you relax, and even if aren’t a fan of tea, it’s the relaxation element that counts, so grab yourself a cup and savor the taste and the time to yourself. Enjoying the little things in life is what’s most important when you’re tense or frustrated because it serves as a reminder to not let a bad day get the best of you.

3. Write in your journal.

Journaling is a wonderful stress reliever. Write about anything that comes to your mind or maybe even write about what’s bothering you. Letting it all out on paper is incredibly helpful and a great way to get past the things that are stressing you out. And remember, your journal is yours only so no one else will ever read it. In this case, you really have the ability to let your thoughts loose, so that you’re not keeping everything bottled up all day and letting it grow even more.

4. Listen to music.

Bring your headphones with you everywhere you go, so when you have a few minutes to spare, you can go off in your own world. It’s the perfect way to unplug completely, because it’s just you and the music. Listen to your favorite song or listen to a song with a slow melody. Music is extremely powerful and hearing a song you like almost always puts you in a better mood, with a smile on your face.

It’s natural to experience stress now and then because it’s a part of life, but when you feel like can’t handle it anymore, take a little break and remember that it’s only temporary.

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