5 Reasons You Should Intern in a New City

Ashley Kim
5 Reasons You Should Intern in a New City

Internships are learning experiences, first and foremost. Interning in a city that you are already familiar with limits your ability to get the most of your internship experience. Internships teach you about the business, but they also teach you about what you may want when it comes to where you will end up working. Here are five reasons why you should take a leap and do your next internship in a new city:

1. Learn About a Different City’s Work Culture

Work culture varies greatly by region, and it’s not just an east coast vs. west coast thing. You will even find differences within the same state—compare San Francisco to San Diego, for example. Working in a different state or region will give you firsthand experience that may come in handy when working with people across the country in the future.

2. Prepare Yourself for the Real Deal

If you ever need to take a job out of state, having the experience of interning in a foreign city will help you prepare for a successful transition. You will also be able to test out whether you like a fresh start without having to commit too much time (usually just a summer or winter break).

3. Gain Travel Experience

Travel experience can be a great addition to a resume and varied geographical work experience is even better. Not only will you be able to check more cities off your travel list, but you will also walk away knowing whether you would want to work and settle down in that city. Did you hate or love the weather? The people? The cost of living? Every time you live in a new place, you know more about what to look for when settling down later on.

4. Expand Your Network

Interning in a new city will allow you to expand your network in both numerical and geographical size. Having connections across the country can prove to be very useful personally as well as professionally.

5. Work Hard, Play Hard

Living and working in a new city means constantly getting to meet new people and explore a brand new city. The feeling of not knowing anyone is exhilarating, and you’re much more likely to push yourself out of your comfort zone. After working hard at your internship, you will have a whole city full of people to meet and a bunch of new friends to make.

Photo credit: Rishad Daroowala