5 Things You MUST Do Before Leaving Your Summer Internship

Nathan Parcells
5 Things You MUST Do Before Leaving Your Summer Internship

Wouldn’t it be tragic to leave your summer internship saying, “Man, I wish I had done (fill in the blank)?” That’s why you need to have a checklist during your hectic final week to remember to do these 5 important things.

We even made a downloadable checklist for you, so no excuses for forgetting.

Click “Final Week Checklist” below for a document that allows you to check off these activities as you go through the week.

*Final Week Checklist*

1) Hand-write thank you notes to everyone at work. Writing thank you notes is an incredibly effective way to communicate. A hand-written letter is more personal than an online message.  People will keep the note and think of you whenever they come across it.  Studies show that thank you notes will also help you reflect on your experience and appreciate the people you’ve worked with.

2) Set up meetings with at least 5 people in your office. Show them your appreciation for what they taught you and how they encouraged you. Ask for their feedback on your personal and professional development, so you can continue to grow as you return to school.

3) Meet with the people you met outside your office who work at different companies.  Tell your new friends that you plan on staying in contact with them through social media.  You never know when you will want to reach out to them about a certain job or other arising opportunity.

4) Write about your experience in your school newspaper or in a blog. Give back to your company by helping them recruit for next summer.  Potential future interns and the recruiters at your company will thank you and remember you for writing an excellent post detailing what you learned and how you grew this summer.

5) Set up a Google Alert for the company you work for so you can receive updates about them when you’re back at school. Shoot them a message every couple of weeks complimenting them whenever they have success. This will remind them of who you are and let them know that you’re passionate about the company.  Even if you wouldn’t choose to work for them in the future, you may end up being in a situation where it’s your best option.  A Google Alert will also allow you to know when you’re company is hiring so you can be the first to apply.

Mark off all 5 items on this checklist during your final week and you’ll leave your summer internship smiling, with no regrets.

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