6 Signs You’re at the Right Company

Alyssa Greenfield
6 Signs You’re at the Right Company
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You submitted an amazing application. You rocked your interview. You got the job.

But how do you know if it’s the right job for you? If have these six things, there’s a good chance you’ve struck gold.

1. You feel like you belong
Your 30-minute lunch conversations with coworkers could easily stretch for three hours. Outside of the cafeteria, your teammates are always there to offer guidance and listen to your ideas. Both during work hours and outside of work, you feel comfortable being yourself and know that your team just “gets you.”

2. The “company perks” go way beyond free snacks and team outings
We love free snacks as much as the next person, but one of the biggest job perks should be the feeling you get when you see the impact of your hard work come to life. Or that feeling when your whole team gets creative to solve a challenging problem for a client.

3. You’re proud of what you do (and want to do more)
The right company is one where you can’t wait to take on what’s next, from presenting to clients to going above and beyond your work responsibilities to help your team succeed. It’s also one where you can’t wait to tell your friends about the shout-out you got from your boss, and you smile when anyone asks you: “so, what do you do?”

4. You know you’re making an impact
It’s an amazing feeling when you research and plan and finally share an idea that your team can’t wait to help bring to life. If you get to experiment with new approaches and learn and grow along the way, you’re probably in the right place.

5. You don’t question whether you have work-life balance
Even the most dedicated workers need to unplug sometimes, and working for a company that understands this can make all the difference. If you know you can leave the office early once in awhile to see your favorite band in concert or work from home when your tasks require more focus than usual, there’s a good chance you’ve found a workplace match.

6. You’re encouraged to keep learning
You know, without a doubt, that professional development opportunities will always be encouraged and supported. From asking your company to pay for that course you always wanted to take, to making the case for attending a top industry conference, you know the likely answer is “yes, of course!”

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