Want to be Great at Your Job? Then You Need to Forget About It (Sometimes)

Alyssa Greenfield
Want to be Great at Your Job? Then You Need to Forget About It (Sometimes)
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This article was adapted from the blog post “Seven Habits for Success in the Workplace of the Future.” You can read the full text here.

The way we work is changing. From the sheer number of tools we have for communicating with people inside and outside the office to the idea of working remotely becoming more and more commonplace, things look a lot different now than they did when your parents started their first jobs. And it’s bound to change even more in the future.

So how do you make sure you’re ready no matter what?

The team at Accenture Federal Services is accustomed to thinking one (and often many) steps ahead. So to help you succeed no matter how much the way we work changes, their recruiting team shared five things they want you to know.


1. How you communicate is important.

Depending on the person we’re communicating with, we might text, call, email, send a message on social media, or have a conversation in person. And those are just a few basic options. We’re not just faced with an endless number of ways to communicate; we’re also connected at all times.

But here’s one skill that’s timeless: understanding whom you’re communicating with, and the most efficient, clear, and authentic way to communicate with them. Will you get more done if you talk to a coworker in person for five minutes, rather than messaging them on a chat app? Will your client be more likely to remember your message if you email them a clear list of next steps instead of calling? Figure these things out, and you’ll be well on your way.

2. Don’t let a flexible work environment get the best of you.

Whether you work in a traditional office, from your kitchen table, on-site for a client, or at the local coffee shop, each setting comes with its own challenges and benefits. No matter the work environment, it’s important to set boundaries so you stay focused and get through your to-do list.

If you work from home, create a dedicated office space that’s set up for productivity (the couch might be tempting, but you probably associate it with relaxing after a long day). If your job has you on the go all the time, make sure you have everything you need so work isn’t interrupted—like chargers for all your devices and a mobile hotspot in case WiFi is scarce.


3. Know when to disconnect.

There’s a fine line between using technology to be more efficient and over-using it because it’s so easy to access. Depending on the expectations of your specific job, set specific times of the day (an hour before bed) or scenarios (out to dinner with friends) when you push work-related things to the back of your mind and avoid checking email on your phone. Taking a break lets you relax and clear your head, so you’ll feel more refreshed when you do return to those emails.

4. Never stop learning.

You’ll probably reach a point when you’re very comfortable with the responsibilities at your job. But that’s not the time to sit back and relax. Instead, read up on the latest business or tech trends, follow blogs or social media accounts that cover your industry, and subscribe to a relevant newsletter or two. Want to really gain an advantage? There are plenty of free online courses and seminars that’ll prepare you to be even better at your job in the future than you are right now.

5. Keep an open mind and embrace change.

In every field—and especially if you’re working in technology—the best way to keep up is to view changes as opportunities, rather than challenges. The tools your team uses, the projects you work on, and even the structure of your team may change multiple times. You might even collaborate with other teams or companies to get the job done. No matter how much your environment changes, the best thing you can do is stay flexible and soak up as much knowledge as possible from each new experience.

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