This Company Turned A Confusing Product Into One People Love—And Made A Huge Impact

Liam Berry
This Company Turned A Confusing Product Into One People Love—And Made A Huge Impact
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Insurance, benefits, premiums, networks, it can all be very confusing, but it really shouldn’t be. Healthcare is essential—and not just to being a productive professional. Regular checkups, access to care, and the peace of mind that comes with them are just a few of the most important things your benefits could give you—if you can figure out how to use them.

And that’s how Accolade made a splash in the market. They’re a solution to the multibillion-dollar waste problem in the fragmented US healthcare system. Their model is easy to use, highly personalized, and powered by a combination of intuitive tech and genuine human interaction.

How Accolade Made Health And Benefits Easier, Better, And More Efficient

For too long, healthcare and benefits systems have been weighed down by companies who rely too much on impersonal, robotic software or  humans with no ability to leverage tech. There was very little coordination between providers of care, insurance companies, and the people who actually needed help. Basically, you were either talking to a robot—or someone who didn’t know what they’re talking about—and neither of them could actually solve your problems.

The combination of people and technology are what make Accolade membership so special.

And the resulting fragmentation has led to waste that totals in the billions every year.

All of these inefficiencies in the healthcare and benefits market created an opportunity to give people what they actually wanted—and needed—while actually saving money for both companies and employees. Following in the footsteps of other great 21st-century companies, Accolade combined innovative tech with live help from human experts to make a process that actually—and finally—works.

How does it work? When you’re a member of Accolade’s network, you can call or text them at any time with any healthcare question. Questions like, “Which doctor should I see?” or “I threw out my back. What should I do?” will be met with helpful, direct answers. Accolade’s recommendations are backed by a combination of real, human healthcare experts and cutting-edge technologies like smart analytics and machine learning.

Whether they’re helping their members use their benefits, get to the right doctor, resolve a bill, or manage chronic conditions, Accolade does it with smart, human helpfulness.

Seattle Business Magazine recognized Accolade on its 2019 “Best Companies To Work For” list.

Working At Accolade Is More Than A Chance To Help Change Healthcare—It’s A Chance To Start An Incredible Career

It should come as no surprise that a company dedicated to the health of others is just as dedicated to the long-term happiness, development, and success of their own people.

“Accoladians,” as they’re called on Accolade’s three US campuses in Seattle, WA; Scottsdale, AZ; and Philadelphia, PA, are all a part of a culture that prizes diversity, collaborative achievement, and real impact. Company-wide days of service, a casual dress code, and a healthy work-life balance are just a few of the things that make Accolade’s culture another extension of their dedication to better health.

The company is particularly proud of the opportunities they offer new grads. By joining their Healthcare Associate or Coordinator programs, new members of the workforce are able to find their place in a high-growth, fast-paced industry. New Accoladians train with industry veterans, receive close mentorship, and become experts on the kind of tech that will define the industry for decades to come.

“Accoladians” don’t just change healthcare—they have a great time doing it.

Plus, the customer-facing skills and product expertise they pick up can carry them to all kinds of careers in the tech space.

Ultimately, Accolade’s answer to the problem of healthcare inefficiencies is people like you. How’s that for high impact?

Eager to change healthcare for the better? Check out open opportunities and learn more at Accolade on WayUp!