THE LIST: A Short But Convincing Inventory Of Why You’d Be A Great Teacher At Achievement First

Liam Berry
THE LIST: A Short But Convincing Inventory Of Why You’d Be A Great Teacher At Achievement First
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1. You Care About Kids. ALL Kids.

If you don’t love kids, like really love kids, well, you probably shouldn’t be doing this work. At Achievement First, teachers work hard and fight hard for their kids because they know that all kids are capable of greatness.

2. You’re Ready To Help Change The World (For Reals).

Sure, having a foosball table at the office would be cool. But so is watching your students shatter stereotypes some might attach to their race, age, gender or zip code. So is watching them become artists, senators, architects, scientists, musicians, or anything they can dream of. So is doing something that will actually change the world.

3. You Want To Work For A Kick-Ass Team.

Achievement First teachers work really hard. But at Achievement First, they don’t do it alone. Every teacher has a coach in their corner and AF schools have the lowest coach-to-teacher ratio of any place we know.

Achievement First built a teacher career pathway, so that if you want to further your career while staying in the classroom, your performance is celebrated with salary increases, recognition, and development opportunities.

The Achievement First team is made up of just about everyone from just about everywhere. They’re Star Wars fans, Bey-hive members, fantasy footballers…(okay, you get it). All Achievement First teachers can be themselves there, ESPECIALLY as they work together as part of a tight team.

4. You May Not Have A Teaching Degree, And That’s A-Okay.

Achievement First’s Teacher-in-Residence program pairs those new to the teaching field with a team of dedicated supports, coaches, and exemplary teachers from whom they can learn. It’s a teaching opportunity designed specifically for those who want to start a career in education but have little to no teaching experience.

5. You’re Ready To Take The Leap.

Achievement First is currently hiring Teachers-in-Residence, experienced teachers, and school leaders in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.

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