From Tech to Finance: These Two Interns Took Us Inside their Jobs at American Express

Alyssa Greenfield
From Tech to Finance: These Two Interns Took Us Inside their Jobs at American Express

To find out what it’s really like to intern at American Express, we went straight to the source. Eric and Raina spent their summers at Amex offices in Florida and New York City. They agreed to give us an inside look at everything from the projects they worked on to the intern events they participated in. Here’s what they had to say:

Eric Suarez, University of Florida Class of 2017

Eric just finished up his Amex experience on the Technology Team in Sunrise, Florida. Now, he’s headed back to school to finish up his computer science degree.

Why he decided to intern at American Express:

“The two main reasons were reputation and location. The company’s focus on growing their technology department showed me they’re preparing for the future.”

What he thinks about the work environment there:

“American Express treats its interns like full-time employees. During your time here, You can expect to collaborate on real projects, join team meetings and attend training workshops.”

The most exciting project he worked on this summer:

“I created a tool that automates a tedious process for my team. As a result, we condensed a four- to five-day process into a single day.”

was responsible for creating a tool that would automate a manual process on my team. Ultimately, it will cut down a four- to five-day process to less than one day.”

Raina Williams, Swarthmore College Class of 2018

Raina spent her summer working at the New York City office. She was a member of the Finance Team, working on US Consumer Finance.

Why she decided to intern at American Express:

“When I started researching American Express, I read a lot about the culture of teamwork and innovation. The summer internship program also attracted me because interns are encouraged to learn about all different types of work here, which is different from some of the other places I considered.”

The most exciting project she worked on this summer:

“A deep-dive project on the Legacy portfolio within Charge. Working on forecasting has helped me grow professionally.”

The most valuable thing she learned this summer:

“Ask a lot of questions. My hiring manager always told me how willing people are to help. Doing that has helped me learn so much in a short time span.”

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