Here’s How To Figure Out How Much Your Job Actually Pays You (Trust Us, You Don’t Know)

Alyssa Greenfield
Here’s How To Figure Out How Much Your Job Actually Pays You (Trust Us, You Don’t Know)
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We’ve got some news for you: You probably have no idea how much you’re getting paid.

For real.

So, you probably know the exact dollar figure you receive in every paycheck, but that’s only part of it. Consider this: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average employee benefit package amounts to roughly 30 percent of your compensation.

Think about that for a moment. If your job provides you with benefits like health insurance, then that added value is roughly equivalent to nearly one-third of your entire salary.

And that’s just the start of it. Take recruiters, who receive bonuses based on performance goals. If they routinely hit their numbers, their take-home pay is often significantly higher than their base salary.

To get some more clarity on the topic of paycheck vs. actual pay, we talked to the team at top staffing services firm Apex. They broke down the value of some of their biggest benefits.  

Check out some of their standout ones below, and then click here to learn more about the company and apply for open roles!

1. Incentives for Being Amazing at Your Job

Career growth (and increased earning potential) happens fast at Apex.

Remember how we said that benefits can account for 30 percent of employee compensation? In the kinds of sales and recruiting roles Apex hires for, there are also incentives for closing a deal or efficiently bringing in quality candidates.

Translation: You get rewarded monetarily for hustling at work. Sign us up.

2. Your Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

When you sign up for insurance through your company, the amount you put toward the plan is just a fraction of what your employer actually pays for you to get that coverage. That adds up to thousands of dollars saved every single year.


3. Paid Days Off for Your Birthday and to Volunteer

If you work five days a week for a year, that’s 260 days of work. Now, divide your salary by 260, and you’ve got the amount you’re paid every day you work.

Why did we just make you do math? Because that number is how much Apex will pay you to take the day off and celebrate being a little bit older (and a little bit wiser).

Apex also pays its employees to spend one day a year volunteering for their favorite charities. And that’s all outside of regular paid vacation time and holidays.

4. Part of Your Gym Membership

You might already count a gym membership as part of your monthly expenses. But imagine how much you’d get back if your company helped pay for that time you spend raising your heart rate.

Apex reimburses its employees $20 per month for their gym memberships. When you add that up, it comes out to $240 a year.

Just think of all the protein shakes (or new workout clothes) you can buy with that money in your pocket.


5. Tuition Reimbursement

Whether you’re working toward a degree or taking extra courses in your field, this is an amazing perk across the board.

Here’s how it works: You pay for undergrad-level, grad-level, or other classes for continuing education, and your company foots the bill for either all or part of what you spent.

Depending on the reimbursement program, this perk can easily amount to thousands of dollars every year.

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