We Asked 4 Recruiters Why They Love Their Jobs And Their Reasons Will Surprise You

Liam Berry
We Asked 4 Recruiters Why They Love Their Jobs And Their Reasons Will Surprise You
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The recruiting industry can seem pretty mysterious from the outside. Recruiters occupy two spaces that are hard to understand together (at least in a traditional sense): They’re both Business Consultants and Sales Experts.

Yes, recruiting and staffing firms like Apex are hired by businesses to advise them on building high-skill teams and to fill their open positions. But few people know, for instance, that becoming a Recruiter is a great way to start a sales or consulting career. Or that it’s one of the best ways to make a lot of money after you graduate. (At Apex, Recruiters earn commission on the roles they fill for clients.)

If you want to better understand recruiting, the most logical solution is to ask people who actually work as Recruiters. So that’s exactly what we did.

Here are four Apex Recruiters on why they love their jobs.

Up, Up, And Away: Fast Promotions And Performance Bonuses

Recruiting is a career with a ton of upward mobility. It’s a highly competitive, performance-based industry. And it makes sense that it’s that way, too. If you’re recruiting great talent all the time, then you should be rewarded and promoted for your stellar performance.

The people who work at Apex love this. “Apex is a place to grow, to be challenged, and to be lifted up to be your best,” says Emma, an Account Manager in Minneapolis. “In fact, my managers would do ANYTHING to see me succeed and be rewarded for my hard work. They have provided me with opportunities for growth that have challenged and shaped me in ways I couldn’t have ever dreamed of when I applied here.”

With management training and promotion tracks available to all their Recruiters, people like Emma can know that hard work at Apex gets rewarded with more than just a pat on the back.


Work Hard, Play Hard—Together: Company Culture

When you put together a team of Recruiters, you’re essentially building a team of natural winners. Recruiters have to be smart, charismatic, and relentlessly resourceful. They’re also balancing new clients and leads all the time, which means teamwork is key.

“The environment/culture is what I love most about working at Apex,” says Ben, a Senior Professional Recruiter from Alabama. “It’s great to work in an environment surrounded by other business professionals who, like me, have a will to win, seek to do the right thing, and make others better.”

They want to see you win. But it doesn’t mean they don’t want to beat you. “Everybody comes to work every day hungry to win,” says Aaron from Tampa. “Not only is team success a priority, but individual achievement is highly regarded and recognized.”

That Feeling of Satisfaction When You Get Someone The Perfect Job

At WayUp, we know a thing or two about finding people the right job. It really is the greatest feeling in the world knowing that you’ve helped people make better futures for themselves. You’ve made them, their friends, and their families proud.

But when you work as a Recruiter at a firm like Apex, this moment is more than just pride. It’s success. That means not only do you get the sweet satisfaction of helping people live better lives, but also a monetary reward worthy of your time and effort.

“That satisfaction of helping someone find their ideal job makes my day, that’s what gets me going in the morning,” says Jerlisa from D.C. “And, of course, a little bit of pocket change!”

What are some of the other things Apex recruiters love?

  • Days off for your birthday/to volunteer
  • Monthly gym membership stipends
  • Continuing education classes at colleges/institutes

Think you have the traits of a recruiter? Check out job Apex job opportunities on WayUp right now!