We’ve Found Your Dream Job And These 4 Reasons Prove It (Plus You’re Guaranteed A Phone Interview)

Liam Berry
We’ve Found Your Dream Job And These 4 Reasons Prove It (Plus You’re Guaranteed A Phone Interview)
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A first job out of college should be a lot of things. You want it to be a gateway, a learning experience, a place you can be rewarded, and—of course—a place you can move up.

Basically, you want to be able to make as much money as possible (college was really expensive). You want to get the right kind of experience and learn as much as you can. And—just like anyone else—you want the opportunity to grow and get promoted, preferably within a year or so.

Don’t worry. We’ve already found the needle in the haystack for you. Here are three reasons why working in Sales and Recruiting at Apex is actually your perfect post-grad position.

1. Work Hard, Make $$$

Apex Sales and Recruiting people are incentivized to do well. They work for clients making sure they secure talent to fill technical roles. As a person in a sales-type role, you’ll have the opportunity to make a ton of money in bonuses and commissions, and you’ll even be rewarded with promotions and perks.

Those who excel in the role will always make more money, which is one of the best parts of the job. If you’re money-motivated, competitive, and have a knack for interpersonal relationships, then taking home a lot of money at your first post-grad job shouldn’t be a challenge for you.

2. Work Where You Want To

Apex has offices everywhere. The company’s clients are stationed all over the country, so that’s where they’ve got to be. So, if you’re looking to move to a new city or stick to your home base, Apex has almost definitely got you covered. Commuting to a regional space and starting a new adventure in a city (of any size) are both entirely possible when working for Apex.

3. Learn, Grow, Get Promoted

At Apex, you’ll receive a month of hands-on training (and that’s just to start). Plus, just by getting hired, you’ll be on a fast track to promotions in different areas of the business depending on your interests, specialty, and talents.

Apex Sales and Recruiting professionals are up for promotion after just four performing quarters—a.k.a. do well for one year, and you will be promoted. So, if you’re hitting clearly set goals, you’ll be promoted. No vagueness or politics about it. Basically, it’s the perfect job to grow in.

4. The Perfect Culture For Recent Grads

Culture is a huge part of your everyday life at a company. That’s why Apex people have worked hard to make their work environment perfect for recent grads.

As one of many new hires and recent grads, you’ll have access to an amazing social network as well as a professional one. With so many peers you’re guaranteed to make friends, find mentors, and build a network of people that you’re proud to be a part of.

For “work hard, play hard” to be a good thing, you have to like the people you’re doing it with. And at Apex, you’ll find people who will help you raise your game and have a great time doing it. That’s what makes going to work every day a worthwhile experience.

Bonus: You’re guaranteed a phone interview.

If you apply through WayUp, you’re guaranteed a phone screen for the job. So, sharpen your phone skills and do your research, because you’ve never been closer to landing your dream job. Apply now on WayUp!