This Recruiting Company Wants All Majors To Apply—Here’s Why

Liam Berry
This Recruiting Company Wants All Majors To Apply—Here’s Why
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When it comes to recruiting, Apex is at the top of the pack. Between its two branches, Apex Life Sciences and Apex Systems, they’re responsible for a ton of important hiring decisions in the world of STEM and other fields.

Apex has made tens of thousands of placements, so they know better than most that, no matter how good the on-paper match is, candidates can often surprise you. That’s why they look for a set of traits—rather than a set of classes—when they’re hiring for open roles. (Like they currently are on WayUp!)

What characteristics has Apex found the best Recruiters often have? They’re resilient, self-motivated, and detail- and results-oriented, for starters. They also have strong interpersonal skills and perform well working on and with a team.

What does that mean for you? They want you to apply—regardless of your major.

Talent Can Come From Anywhere

The truth about most jobs is, you learn by doing. Even if you study something highly specific like medicine, you still won’t know exactly what it’s like to treat someone until you’ve done it yourself. That, of course, requires experience.

However, if you’re smart and you’re a quick learner, you’re probably going to figure it out pretty soon. The same goes for recruiting. Yes, you need to have strong interpersonal skills. (In fact, that’s what one Recruiting expert at Apex cites as the most important qualification.) But you don’t need to have experience as a professional Recruiter.

To be a great Recruiter, what you do need are an entrepreneurial spirit, social skills, and an analytical mind. Those qualities will help you find the right candidate and convince that person—not to mention the employer looking to fill the position—that you’ve found the perfect match. The way you sort through candidate data and talk to clients can be taught. But those other baseline traits are inherent.

Recruiting Has Universal Appeal

No matter what your major is, there are certain things you’re going to want from a job: competitive pay, room for advancement, and a positive social environment. It just so happens Recruiting is particularly well-suited to providing all three.

Recruiters are well-compensated, especially considering their commission structure. Every time you succeed at Apex, you’re going to get paid more. This type of incentive leads to a successful team and company, of course. But it also contributes to an environment in which everyone shares in the success of their colleagues.

That’s how Apex manages to keep so many recruiters happy and fulfilled. As they work harder and smarter, they make more money. They also get promoted faster. That’s a proven reality, too: As one of their Recruiting experts told us, most promotions at Apex happen within six months.

It’s no surprise that a company that values leadership, social skills, and intelligence over a college major has found success with their hiring model. And it’s no accident that it took a company made of hiring experts to figure that out.

Interested in learning more? Apex is hiring on WayUp now, so check out their open positions and apply!