4 Ways This Multibillion-Dollar Tech Company Stands Out From The Silicon Valley Crowd

Liam Berry
4 Ways This Multibillion-Dollar Tech Company Stands Out From The Silicon Valley Crowd
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If you overheard someone talking about a tech company with 300 million customers and 19,000 employees in more than 20 countries around the globe, you wouldn’t guess they were talking about Asurion. In fact, you may not have even heard of Asurion.

What’s even more remarkable is that you might be one of those customers and still not know about the company.

Asurion is a global provider of electronics protection and tech support that helps customers get the most out of their technology. But what makes them different isn’t just their massive scale and innovative products—it’s the way the company works for its employees.

Here are four things that set Asurion apart from other tech giants.

1. Asurion’s Genuine Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion Make For The Ideal Work Environment

Diversity. Inclusion. They’re not buzzwords for Asurion. They go above and beyond to both cultivate diverse teams and foster an inclusive environment. And not just because it’s better for business, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Asurion’s employee resource groups stand together for inclusion.

Asurion’s employee resource groups are a critical component of the diversity and inclusion mosaic. With ever-growing involvement and chapters around the world, these groups actively spark important, candid conversations that affect change throughout the organization. One such example is the creation of a transformative educational program called Active Ally. This interactive training helps equip interested team members with a how-to for being an effective supporter of their teammates who are part of the LGBTQ community.

But whether it’s to open minds or change policies, important conversations about diversity and inclusion happen at Asurion—and the company stands behind them, ready to act.

2. You Don’t Have To Leave To Grow

Asurion’s massive global presence and wide-ranging business model allow for personal and professional growth without ever leaving the organization. And there isn’t just one way to advance your career, either.

If you’re looking to move into management, their focus on mentorship and skill-growth will help prepare you for your next promotion.  

Even if you want to switch functions or fields—and go from marketing to product development, for example—there are opportunities to help other teams and see if it’s a good fit for you. Teams across the company can put out requests for extra assistance on projects, and Asurion employees, with permission, have the chance to assist with a different team. Essentially, you get to try out a new career path without leaving your job behind.

But what really sets Asurion apart from other companies is the ability to grow as either a leader or an individual contributor. You don’t have to become a manager to get title promotions, raises and increased responsibilities. If you want to move up as an engineer, for example, you can focus on a technical path, learning new skills and tackling more complicated problems on your way up.

3. They’re A Truly Global Organization—With Global Opportunities

Asurion’s Tel Aviv team represents the same great company on a whole other continent.

Asurion works in 21 countries, and when you’re on their team, so could you.

Whether it’s through a product launch or a new office opening, Asurion’s rapidly expanding global business affords its employees opportunities to live and work in new places. If you’re a proven high-performer with experience and leadership potential, then you could request the opportunity to lead or assist a new team in getting off the ground in a fun, far-flung locale.

And that’s just one part of the “journey” that Asurion offers to members of the team.

4. Their ‘Journey Team’ Model Completely Changes The Way Work Is Done—For The Better

Most tech companies suffer from employee silos (programmers work with programmers, UX designers work with UX designers, and product marketers work with other marketers). This staggering separation of equally important talent can lead to lags in innovation, product deployment, and creativity. But more than anything, it can make work frustrating and boring.

Journey teams are both functionally—and demographically—diverse.

That’s why Asurion employs an organizational structure called the Journey Team model. Journey Teams are groups of collaborators that all work on the same product or feature from start to finish, rather than tackling separate assigned tasks on their own.

Journey Teams produce final products efficiently by incorporating 360-degree feedback throughout the entire process. Individuals working on these teams gain exposure to the full scope of the project process and get a better sense of the company’s overall goals, which helps the deployment of future products.

And for someone early in their career, working on a functionally diverse team could help you figure out your next career move.

How’s that for a journey?

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