Be an Entrepreneur Wherever You Go

Northeastern University Career Development
Be an Entrepreneur Wherever You Go

Let’s make one thing clear: entrepreneurs do, in fact, exist outside of startups.

You don’t have to run your own app company or reinvent the wheel to have an entrepreneurial spirit. Truth be told, companies and employees everywhere can benefit from innovation and entrepreneurship. Bringing an innovative energy into any job anywhere can help you to stand out and make an impact.

1. Seek Solutions

Just because something isn’t technically wrong, doesn’t mean it’s working well. Finding solutions in the workplace or in processes can aid everyone in the business. While your solution may not be implemented, the attention to detail and problem-solving mentality won’t go unnoticed.

2. Be a Jack-of-all-Trades

Dig in and get your hands dirty in a variety of roles. Being able to not only do, but understand various parts of the business will give you a greater sense of how things work as a whole.

3. Communicate Effectively and Often

Communication isn’t just about talking. Arguably, the most important part of any conversation is the listening. Take away the distractions, listen, take notes, and give thoughtful feedback. Being present in the discussion can reduce miscommunications and increase the flow of valuable ideas.

4. Make the Most of Your Time (and Everyone Else’s)

Some may say time is money, but it’s truly much more valuable than that. First, you ought to be able to manage your own time. Being able to delegate tasks, assign urgency, and schedule out your day can keep everything running smoothly.

Possibly more important though is how you approach other peoples’ time. Go into meetings prepared, be on time, and get right down to what needs to be discussed. Coworkers and superiors are valuable resources, but their time must be respected, so make the most out of the interactions you have.

5. Try… And Fail

Success will not come with everything you try. If it does, give me a call and teach me your ways. But for us mere mortals, we have to try, try, and try some more to find victory. Being able to handle shortcomings can build up strength and courage to tackle bigger and scarier tasks. To be unafraid of failure can open up many doors and opportunities, but being able to learn from the times you fall down can be even more eye opening.

So, you may not be growing your own venture, but by making your day-to-day work innovative, thoughtful, and challenging of the norms, you can become an entrepreneur anywhere.

Tatum Hartwig is a 4th year Communication Studies major with minors in Business Administration and Media & Screen Studies. Tatum brings experience and knowledge in the world of marketing and public relations from her two co-ops at Wayfair and New Balance. Her passion revolves around growing businesses via social media, brand development, and innovation. You can connect with Tatum on Twitter @tatumrosy and LinkedIn.