Beat Graduation Anxiety Before It Starts With This Pre-Senior Spring Checklist

Liam Berry
Beat Graduation Anxiety Before It Starts With This Pre-Senior Spring Checklist

Second semester seniors have a reputation for being, well, checked out…

But beneath the veneer of a totally chill, wizened college veteran, there’s the feeling of impending doom that comes from the total life-altering change that is graduation. It can be pretty crippling not knowing what’s coming next.

And no one wants to be dragged down by anxiety while everyone else is out forming life-long memories. So, we’ve put together the perfect pre-Senior Spring checklist to beat the anxiety before it starts.

1. Make Sure You’re All Set For Graduation

WayUp's Anxiety-Beating Pre Senior Spring checklist
Little known fact: You’re responsible for getting your own hat.

This can be a pretty big headache, and chances are you’ve already worked this out before heading into your last semester, but it never hurts to double check. Set an appointment with your advisor and go over the list of graduation requirements. You don’t wanna be waiting at graduation wondering if they’re going to call your name (even if it would make an otherwise dry event pretty captivating).

With this off your to-do list early, you can focus on the important stuff like school, fun, and—oh, yes—applying for full-time jobs.

2. Start Applying For Jobs (Like, Right Now)

WayUp's Anxiety-Beating Pre Senior Spring checklist
Like, who ever is?

It might seem weird to apply in December or January for a job that might not start until the summer, but we can promise you that it’s standard practice. Plus, think about how good you’ll feel having a full-time job lined up for after graduation.

We have also heard from reliable sources that WayUp is a good place to start…

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Money

WayUp's Anxiety-Beating Pre Senior Spring checklist
This is a worst-case scenario.

Senior spring can be expensive. Between the “Welcome Back” parties, the “We Made It” parties, the “Goodbye” parties, and the “We Really Made It” parties, there’s always a new cost around the corner. Make sure your bank account is ready for it.

Either curb your winter break spending and put some in savings or get to work on increasing your balance the old-fashioned way.

One way to insure your wallet can survive the coming storm: Get a side hustle (they also rock for your resume).

4. Make An Exit Plan (If You Can)

WayUp's Anxiety-Beating Pre Senior Spring checklist
This MIGHT just be the move.

Moving out can be a hassle. Moving out while graduating, going to grad parties, traveling, or doing whatever else comes along with the big finish for you can be a HUGE hassle. So, make a plan now.

While your parents are probably already on it, make sure you align with them on the logistics. You might need a van or a truck. Just clear this stuff out of the way so you can make all of the celebration plans you deserve.

Now’s the time to seize the day, team. Run through this checklist. Keep applying to jobs. And don’t forget to actually enjoy your last semester.