9 Reasons Why Belden Is The Company You Never Knew You Needed To Work For

WayUp Team
9 Reasons Why Belden Is The Company You Never Knew You Needed To Work For
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There are certain companies that, even though they’re fundamentally important, kind of sneak by unnoticed.

Belden is one of those companies.

What, might you ask, does Belden do?

Well, we guarantee they’ve affected your life. They partner with many of the world’s best-known brands and sit at the center of the global push toward a truly connected world.

In other words, they’re really important and help businesses do their business.

So, what’s it like to work at Belden? To find out, we talked to Jessica Wibawa and Anish Agrawal, two Belden Global Account Specialists (and recent college grads).

Here are nine reasons why they said working at Belden is a great career move.

The Amazing Things Belden Does

1. Think of a professional sports league, Jessica and Anish say, and Belden’s technology is likely behind the scenes. Regardless of whether you’re at a live event—they equip the control rooms at arenas and stadiums—or watching from your couch—they make sure the graphics look extra sharp on your TV—Belden is there, making it all happen.

2. It takes a lot to power the happiest places on Earth. And Belden is intimately aware of that. The company creates the magic that powers Disney’s cruise ships and theme parks—from visual effects to the equipment behind their iconic parade floats.

3. When you’re one of the world’s biggest pharmacy chains that filled roughly 1 billion prescriptions in 2017, you have a lot of infrastructure to protect. And when Walgreens was looking for a better, more holistic view of its IT, it turned to Belden. They worked together to implement a system that protects personal data and gives Walgreens the enhanced insight it was looking for. A double win!

All The Experience And Exposure You Get

4. There’s no such thing as “just” being a recent grad at Belden. Not here. Not now. That’s because recent college grads play a pivotal role at the company. Take Jessica, who is performing market research on data analytics and the Internet of Things to identify new business opportunities. That’s the kind of important work that most entry-level employees would jump at the chance to do.

5. Speaking of making an impact from day one, Jessica and Anish both got to attend a company leadership conference in the United Kingdom recently. (For the record, they’ve been at Belden less than one year.) “Being a part of that conference so early on was fascinating,” says Anish. “It showed they cared about bringing young talent into strategy conversations.” They didn’t just attend the event, either. Senior leadership encouraged them to voice their opinions and really participate.

6. Another great perk of working at Belden? You also get exposure to customers. “It’s refreshing and rewarding to experience customer meetings and understand the customer’s perspective,” says Jessica. “It adds purpose to everyday responsibilities and helps to guide your mindset and plans.”

The Huge Opportunities To Grow And Advance

7. According to Jessica and Anish, managers at Belden encourage you to challenge yourself and take risks. “They make it clear that if you fail, you’ll fail in a safe environment,” says Jessica. Could anything be more of a relief when you’re navigating your first job? (The answer is no.)

8. Belden does a LOT. They have offices around the world, a variety of brands, and nearly 10,000 employees. What does that mean? Well, you can pursue multiple career paths without leaving the company. Seriously. Take your pick from the broadcast industry to cyber security to industrial automation. Seek out those opportunities and you’ll keep on growing within the company.

9. Belden’s belief in the potential of recent grads stems directly from the top: Its CEO is a huge champion of hiring and supporting young employees. And the company shows it with actions. They’re making a huge investment to help guide new hires, providing them with everything from leadership training to in-depth career planning.

So, now that you know all about Belden, don’t you think it’s time to apply? Don’t waste any time—they’re hiring college students and recent grads on WayUp now!

Belden is a global business specializing in end-to-end signal transmission solutions that meet the most demanding standards for data, sound and video applications. They produce and sell a comprehensive portfolio of connectivity, networking and cybersecurity products and solutions into a variety of markets including industrial, enterprise and broadcast.